How it works

Optimize the whole workflow, manage complexity, the technical and legal upgrades and different languages, is a necessity of all the producers and distributors of consumer good.

1.Database packaging

The marketing, technical and legal content, the artwork and the graphic elements of the pack, are digitalized and placed in a structured database specifically for packaging, labels and data sheets.

The database is online and can be used by multiple users with pre-defined permissions for their areas of competence.

It can be connected with the company's information systems, it can be powered and, in turn, feed the communication materials.

2.Workflow management

The graphic artworks of the packaging, or the product datasheet, are shared by different professional figures through a workflow structured according to the customer's needs. 

Each individual step is monitored through custom dashboards and automatic notifications.

There is no limit to the number of accesses and no hardware investment is required.

3.Packaging Dynamic

At the end of the controlled and certified flow, the final digital graphic file of the packaging is done. The packaging is now dynamic as the graphic content is upgradeable in real time: 4PACK directly connects the content in the database with the graphic artwork of the packaging.

The result is the complete coherence between the packaging graphic content, the technical datasheet of the product and all the others connected output.


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