The new decree was designed by the European Union to guarantee consumers information on food

9 May 2018

The legislative decree 23 of 15 December 2017 which "implements" the European Union's consumer protection regime enters into force today, 9 May 2018.

The new decree was designed by the European Union to guarantee consumers information on food, so as to allow informed choices, preventing any practice likely to mislead citizens.

Thus, information on the label of a pre-packaged food product has been defined at European level, such as the minimum storage period or the expiry date of the food, the nutrition declaration or the list of ingredients.

Legislative Decree 12/15/17 n. 231, provides to sanction the following infractions:

  •     violation of fair information practices
  •     non-compliance by food business operators related to information obligations
  •     failure to provide mandatory information on pre-packaged food products
  •     irregularities in exposure, presentation and positioning of indications
  •     irregularities in distance selling


The legislation provides for penalties for the lack of the following mandatory indications on the label:

  •     the name of the food product
  •     the list of ingredients that compose it
  •     an indication of the food allergens contained
  •     an indication of the quantity of ingredients
  •     an indication of the net quantity
  •     storage time
  •     the expiry date
  •     the freezing date
  •     indication of provenance
  •     the alcoholic strength
  •     nutritional declarations


Finally, the decree establishes penalties for the lack of elements that make it possible to identify the lot to which the food in question belongs and the sale of non-prepacked food products through automated distribution means (distributors and automated premises).


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