A single data source, always updated for creating and managing dynamic labels and content across all media.

Packaging on the shelf

The packaging with all the technical information, legal and marketing, the executive artwork ready for printing and for the development of the shelf pack. 

Multimedia labels

Complete labels enriched with multimedia elements, such as QR code, with direct links to the specific area on the website, or to additional contents, such as recipes, or video.

Product technical data sheets, for catalogues and web

Technical data sheets dedicated to the sales force, which list the technical information and descriptions of the product, always updated and ready to be sent to customers, also via mobile. 

Product data sheets, for e-commerce site or App

All content and images inside 4PACK, up-to-date at marketing and legal level, can be used directly to power the product card on the website or e-commerce, or dedicated app. 

Always updated!

Data are always complete with legal, marketing and logistic information, available to clients, distributors, suppliers, for printing or web.


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